Dene has extensive experience and excellent qualifications in the following disciplines:

Channeled/Mediumship Readings

Readings are channeled through Dene from your guides and higher self as well as messages from angels and archangels.  Past loved ones in spirit also communicate.





Channeled Sound Healings

Crystals and sound are used in combination with energy healing and intuitive abilities to help you to heal your body.  Dene often receives Spirit messages during these sessions.


Spiritual Mentor

These sessions provide direction to those that are gifted and looking for guidance on their spiritual path.  Even if you don't consider yourself gifted, we all are, this session is designed to help you find your path and purpose.

Mediumship Certification

 - Private one-on-one online classes

 - Group online classes / workshops


Dene is an amazing teacher and has many  students that have become successful practicing mediums.


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