Spiritual Teacher  / Healer  / Medium / Inspirational Speaker / Channel of Soul Code Energy

Dene is a Certified Spiritual Medium whose  passion is to help others by providing channeled guidance.  Her greatest reward is to work with gifted people and to guide them into discovering their own spiritual gifts.  

Besides being a gifted medium Dene is also a powerful energy healer who is intuitively guided.  She loves to incorporate sound into her healings and uses singing bowls, drums, rattles and tingshas to help align and balance your body.  She may even break out in song!

Dene also facilitates group healings both online and in person that are based in meditation using sound therapy.

When you schedule your session with Dene, you will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers the aspects of your life where you need the most guidance. 




An added bonus is Dene's ability to channel healing during the reading.  She enjoys working with oracle cards and may use them in your session as a visual tool.

Dene is an outstanding spiritual teacher and has been blessed with sharing her knowledge with others that are seeking development.  If you think you may be a medium you can contact Dene to set up a session for guidance that may lead you to developing your own abilities and tapping into the greater consciousness' wisdom.  Who knows where it may lead you!

Dene also works with clearing and blessing homes.  If you are having unexplained illness or health problems or if life just seems to be handing you a raw deal, your home may need clearing from the centuries of energy that has passed through the property.  Afterall, everything is energy and not all is desirable.

Dene has developed a line of vibrational sprays that can be used to clear energy as well.  To date, she has ten different vibrational frequency sprays that range from grounding to connecting you with the Divine.  They are available under the 'shop' tab along with the Oracle Cards that she has channeled and produced.


To inquire about Inspirational Speaking please send a request with details and Dene will get back to you.


Sessions may be done in person or through video chat. Please contact me for any personal queries