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 Cosmic Communicator & Divine Channel of Soul Code Energy

Welcome to my Sanctuary!  

My name is Dene and I am a Channel of Divine Energy.  You may be asking "What does that mean?"

It simply means that I am attuned to the subtle energy's that are around us.  I have a natural ability to connect with the Higher Power to recognize and interpret energy for myself and others.  My journey began many life times ago...


My ongoing journey toward self mastery has been both challenging and rewarding.  Discovering MY truth and releasing old 'stories' that told me I was not worthy of receiving the unconditional love of the Divine has been very humbling and empowering at the same time. I am passionate about empowering others to discover and to live a life that is directed by their own soul.  And YES you CAN do it!  


You are Divine, we all are!

As I have journeyed through my own 'story' abilities that were hidden within me have awakened.  I am a channel and I continue to discover  ways that Spirit works through me as I trust and allow the flow of the energy.  


I am now working with cosmic keys and codes, or an easier way to understand would be to say that I am channeling energy through sound and movement that directly resonates with your soul.  You may not understand the language but your soul will and it resonates at the heart.  Your heart will FEEL it at a deep level that you may not realize.

I transmit the codes of the light language through speech, singing, chanting, music, drumming, toning and movement.