Cosmic Communicator & Divine Channel of Soul Code Energy

Dene is a Certified Spiritual Medium whose  passion is to help others by providing channeled guidance and healing.  Her greatest passion is helping others discover and open up to their natural abilities and birthright to connect with their soul and other Divine Beings. 


Dene's journey toward self mastery has been both challenging and rewarding, as discovering truth and releasing old 'stories' that told her she was not worthy of receiving the unconditional love of the Divine is very humbling and empowering at the same time. She is passionate about helping you discover your truth and live a life that is directed by your own soul.  And YES you CAN do it!  You are Divine, we all are!

Dene has consistently grown in her practice and is now working with light language, or an easier way to understand would be to say that she is speaking directly to your heart in using the language of the soul to communicate to you at a very deep level.  You may not understand the language but your soul will and it will respond to it in opening up to receive that love in the recognition and the remembering of who you are at the essence of your being.

Dene transmits the codes of the light language through speech, singing, chanting, music, drumming, toning and movement.

When you schedule your session with Dene, be prepared to begin your journey of enlightenment back to the centre of yourSELF!

Dene has developed a line of vibrational sprays that have been infused with specific codes that may be used to aid you in your journey and relationship with energy.  To date, she has ten different vibrational frequency sprays that range in frequency from helping you to ground or in connecting you with the Divine.   

Dene's Oracle cards were developed as a tool to help you receive guidance when you are in doubt or to validate your intuition.

The sprays and oracle cards are available along with meditations under the 'Shop' tab.  From my heart to yours...


To inquire about Inspirational Speaking please send a request with details and Dene will get back to you.


ALL Sessions will be done through video chat. Please contact me for any personal queries