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May 31, 2020    

    Ever since I was born, I was always interested in the paranormal and supernatural.  I would come across encounters that I could not explain nor didn’t have any answers, from seeing black shadows, hearing someone talk and nobody being there, flashes of pictures in my head, dreams that came true, my bed being shaken to wake me up, smells that came out of nowhere and the list goes on.  I found myself researching and trying to find answers.  A lady I work with using classical homeopathy for healing told me about Dene Adam who is a teacher, medium and healer.  I signed up for one of her long distance healing class being curious and needing help.  I’ll never forget this day because it has changed my life.  Dene Adam’s healing was so potent and powerful I knew when she was performing it and could feel it throughout my whole entire self and I remind you it was long distance.  I was blown away.  I looked her up and immediately signed up for her basic class.  Not only did I start finding out answers I was looking for but also all the healing that goes with her classes are amazing.  They are moving, enlightening, and profound.  Her classes has literally changed my life and has helped me heal mentally, physically, and spiritually.  That hole that was always missing in my life has now been filled and I know exactly who I am and what I am and that is a healer and medium myself.  Not only did i gain all the healing and knowledge from her but I gained a friend who is genuine and salt of the earth.  If you are identifying with any of these experiences I listed or just want healing on yourself I highly recommend Dene Adam.  She is a gift from heaven who helps heal many ways.   


Tiffany Fewel - Washington

Hi my name is Ciji and I must tell you how amazing Miss Dene is. When she first popped across my news feed out of the blue, It was the biggest blessing spirit could have brought me. I was a total mess 3 years ago. Miss Dene has helped me threw some of the toughest times in my life and with her readings helped me see different perspectives and helped my personal growth and threw the dark night of my soul. And with her healings have help balance me and brought me peace. She's even given new the tough love I needed at the right times. Miss Dene has been am amazing mentor and her mentorship has helped my expand and develop my own gifts and intuition I highly appreciate and recommend her to anyone and everyone. She's been a constant light and been the most amazing person to look up to. Her amazing products that she's crafts herself have made an tool as well that has assisted me too along the way with her dream catchers to her hand crafted wire wrappings. She's always known what I needed when I needed it. Miss Dene I can not thank you enough for your wonderful light and loving guidance thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I will forever treasure you and your friendship. 

     Love Ciji  - Missouri

I just completed the basic mediumship course offered by Dene. If you are looking to awaken your intuition & grow spiritually, this is the course for you. You will be amazed at how far you will grow during the course.
Dene is a fabulous mentor & guide. If you are wanting to delve deeper into your spiritual journey & increase your knowledge in mediumship, Dene is the one you want by your side.
At the end of the course, it left me wanting to learn more!!

Margot - British Columbia

Dene is the most authentic loving gifted  person I have met in a long time. when I first was introduced to Dene I knew we were meant to work together...everyday I followed her messages and thought I need to have a one on one reading with her so...

Ive had two readings with Dene which were amazing and spot on! It also was a time of grieving in my life and she gave me comfort and peace in a time that I so needed it and to connect with my loved ones.

I also had a healing which was so powerful I had tingles from my head to my toes! i knew this was a turning point for me .

The latest thing I did with Dene is a house / land clearing that was amazing! I haven't felt at home in my home in a long time I've been sick my parents and animals have been sick

I had rats for a decade I couldn't get rid of and ants  were taking over the kitchen!

I did all the changes Dene told me to make and claimed the space as my own and it's been a few weeks now and I can definitely feel the difference it's brighter lighter and a peacefulness about it.

I'm sure I will choose to have more clearings in the future  I know I'm going in the right direction for changing mine and my dogs  life for the better 

Dene I can't thank you enough for all your hard work dedication and yes I know my house was work A lot of work ! lol

your a very gifted loving soul and I'm so grateful we were introduced!

Love, Light and many blessings

Dee Dee Marino - California

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